Friday, May 31, 2013

The Many Faces

Our weekend was wonderful.
We did more than I thought possible.
We also captured some pretty 
funny moments from O.
Happy as a clam on the carousel. 

Patiently waiting on mom and dad
to go on a coaster.

Too busy enjoying the ride to look
at me.

Giddy up horse!  We are off to DC.

O what is going on up there?
You are wiggling like a fish out of water!
'I am posing mom!'

'I am showing everyone how much I love my daddy!'
Do you see mom and dad's face?  We look so happy, yes?

Lincoln Memorial.
Strike a pose!

Wax Museum.  George Washington.
Kick your leg up and sprawl out on the

Honestly, I am not sure who this president
is, but O didn't care.  She just wanted a picture
with Every. Single. One.  

Another pose.

Wait, what?  This is the one you should
be posing all crazy with!  

There we go.

Seriously upset about something.

Look a train!  Take a picture mom!

How about a real smile O?

'Mom take a picture of me pretending to measure
the crocodile's mouth.'
Why don't you just measure it for real?
'No, I just want to look like I am.'

'Oh get a picture of me listening to the
ocean!  But it's not the ocean it's just
my blood.'

'Can you send a picture to Pappaw so
he knows I am hurt?'

Here she is holding sticks pretending to 
be a tree, hoping a bird will land on her.

This is me saying, 'Get that stick out of
my face!' Yet, I was still trying to smile
and look happy in the photo.

Quite poetic if you know that 12 years ago
when my parents took us to DC there was a
photo of us in front of the White House.
We looked just as miserable as O and I do in this one.
My mom was telling us to, 'act like you are having

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  1. the picture where she is acting like a tree made me laugh out loud:)


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