Thursday, May 16, 2013

We are a Little Bit Crazy

Living on a base is very different than normal civilian life.  

I can't go anywhere without
my ID.  I have to go by military police/
guards every time I leave/enter the base.  I have
to show my ID to do anything on the base.

There is this sense of camaraderie amongst
all the soldiers. 

Everyone walks in step with one another
even when they are not in uniform.

If you listen closely you hear people chanting
all the time as they walk around the base.
If you don't hear that, you hear trumpets.

Add to this life in a hotel, and
well life is just different.
Here are a few of the many things we
do differently here.
Smoothies are normal at home, but since
we have been here we have been putting all
kinds of weird supplements in.
It is nice to have other soldiers who are all crazy
health conscious and let us know about strange
things like adding chlorophyl to our water.

And this stuff.  It makes our smoothies have
a horrible grey color, and gives them a very,
ahem, grassy taste.  The things we do for

Date night has consisted of us giving O a 
PB&J sandwich for dinner and tucking her in bed
a half hour early so we can eat our own dinner 
together, and catch up.

I dislike microwaves, but until we get home
it's the way we make popcorn.  Oh yes,
and I really have to be in the mood because for
whatever reason the bags have been tearing.

It is pretty typical for my daughter
to pretend to be a turtle as we go
collect laundry.  She did this before we
came out to the base, but at home there
isn't a 100 yard walk to get laundry.

Every time I see things I like at stores, I take a photo.
It would be silly for me to buy home decor things
here, but I have suddenly become crazy obsessed interested
with home decor.  Now, I have a file filled with all kinds of 
pretty stuff.  I have this hunch that I will return to my 
normal state once I get home.

Skinks are all over the place here.  
They are weird little animals. 
O gives a blood curdling scream each time she sees one.
They are always staring at me.

I needed to use a screwdriver.  
I knew there was some sort of screwdriver in 
this 52-in-1 gadget the hubs always carries around.  
I could not get this things open for the life of me.  
I ended up taking a photo and sending it to my husband 
and dad asking how to open the thing up.  
Just give me a screwdriver, not a contraption with 50
other parts.  I miss our regular tools.

For Mother's day, my daughter made me a
beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

We eat frozen yogurt all the time.
It is everywhere in this state.
We also eat out a whole lot more
than we ever used to.

If I want to see the back of my head/hair I have to use
my phone.  I miss mirrors placed in the correct location!

My daughter has found Every. Single. Nook. And.
Cranny. In. This. Space.

Everyone.  She is always hiding.

Bowling and taking goofy photos
while bowling is becoming a weekly thing.
Hello, Tuesday $1 bowling day.

We went out with some other ladies
and got pedicures.  In my normal life
this would never happen.  Ever.

O loved it.

I take pictures of myself and send them to my
mom, to ask if I match.  Yep.  I miss my
mom being close by to ask random questions.

I also sent her my progress on my blanket.

The OCD in me wants to have the colors
lined up.  In Order.

I know it will look better if it's more
random, but it is seriously hard for me
to do that.

My daughter sees me taking pictures of 
random things all day long, so she thinks
it's normal to do this.  Here is her hand.

A clay cave with baby Jesus inside.


O thinks it is awesome we have a peephole
in the door.  She has stood there for quite some
time, letting me know if people walk by.
We sound a little creepy as I write this.

Daddy / Daughter activities include making a tank.
I bought one of those wood kits from Michaels last year.
I opened it up, saw the crazy simplistic yet complicated
directions, and immediately put it away.  Daddy tackled it.
I am not an engineer.  I am pretty sure this activity labeled
ages 5+ is for engineers.  Or Dads.

Yes, I fed my daughter a popsicle at 9 in the
morning when we went on a walk to collect leaves,
to bring back to our hotel, 
which ended up getting crumbled up 
and all over the floor, 
and made the housekeeping mad.

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