Friday, May 3, 2013

Bad Ideas and Favorite Things

So, the other evening I was perusing Pinterest 
(didn't see that one coming, did you?)
I happened upon an old recipe from
The Pioneer Woman.  She baked cinnamon sugar
toast.  It looked yummy.  I proceeded to go through some
sort of delusional state/moping about not having
either a toaster or oven to make said dish.

I got up the next morning, and I thought to myself,
'who needs a toaster or an oven?  I have a stove top.'
I set out to make my own version of yummy toast.
I made it.  I slathered an excess of sugar/cinnamon
mixture into it.  I poured some more sugar in my coffee.
It was delicious.  Then 10 minutes later my stomach did
not think my idea was so brilliant.

That got me thinking about all the random
stuff we brought here that wasn't so well
thought out.  We didn't use it at home, but
we will totally use it in a hotel.

Oh, so very wrong.

Here are a few of my bad ideas...

 Coloring books.  O normally draws on plain paper.
I don't love the idea of coloring pictures, and the
expectation of staying inside the lines.  Anyway,
I brought like 9 coloring books.  We have used one
book, one time. (ok I take that back, she might have
used a coloring book while we drove?)

I do love my yarn.  But I brought yarn that didn't match
anything else, and with not enough of any one color
to make anything.  Smart thinking, right?

Puzzles.  The problem isn't the item, but the quantity.
Each of those pencil holders contains 2 puzzles.  
14 puzzles all together.  Why?

Medicine.  We have used very little of this stuff.
Nettipot, heating pad, that's it.

Let's do some math.
3 laptops + 2 adults = excessive
We use one of the above computers.

And last but not least underwear (I will spare you the photo).
I brought enough underwear for us to make it to the end of time.
We don't have enough shirts to make it to the end of the week, 
but we have plenty of underwear.  

To end on a happy note,
here are some of my favorite things,
most of which I use every single day.

Portable speaker.
Yes, we love our dance sessions
and we have been cranking up Mandisa every morning.

Coffee Mug.  With optional lid.
The lids seem to be exceptionally 
important lately because everyone
has been clumsy.

I actually had a few other baskets in 
my hand, right before we left and then
I put them back.  I wish I brought them.
They help keep the place tidy, and hide the 

I didn't bring this.  I bought it out here.
3 people living in such small quarters
requires something nice smelling.
I know, I know.  Toxic and unhealthy.
Oh well.  My room smells better.

New yarn.  This time I chose matching yarn.

Happy Weekend Friends :)

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