Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bubbles and Books

It has been cloudy/rainy/foggy, almost
every day for the last 2 weeks.
 We were tired of waiting for the sun to come out.

We were feeling like the walls of our room
were closing in on us.

We went out in the drizzly rain, and 
played with bubbles.

The bubbles were not only entertaining 
to us, but also to all the soldiers
coming to and from class.

Wait, maybe it was the child running
around and sliding in the grass that was
entertaining to the soldiers?
Either way they got a kick out of it.

Back indoors.....
 when O was supposed to be 
sleeping, she got up to tell me all
about what her mind was dreaming up.

The next morning she got up and asked
me to write down her story.

 Then I rewrote it in a little blank book.
She illustrated the book.

 Then she asked me to read it to her
a few dozen times.  I think this will
have to go in her scrapbook (haha
who am I kidding, more like a box
of stuff that is supposed to be a scrapbook)

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