Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Site Seeing

Our Morning cup of joe, has 
been replaced with this lovely
gross looking, but delicious
beverage.  Chia Juice.
(I mix 1 cup water with about 3 tablespoons
chia seeds.  I let it sit over night or a few hours.
The next morning I mix equal parts juice with
the chia/water gel mixture.

 We took a day trip to Colonial Williamsburg.
On the bus.  O is infatuated with busses.
As far as she is concerned this was one
of the highlights.  I often wonder if she 
will still love them after college.

Apothecary shop.  I loved the mortar/pestles
and all the little jars.  This was my favorite. 

A sign that had 'news for the time'


O asked me to take a photo with her
next to the flag.

Hello 3 sided hat and wooden rifle.

Look at that handsome husband :)
PS He rocks.  He was bit by a tick out here
and got lyme disease.  Despite being very
sick, he took his girls out and did all kinds
of fun things, so we wouldn't be stuck in the hotel.

Pints, 1/2 Pints, and Quarts.  I liked the blue.

This sign was in an old church.
Most of the buildings in Williamsburg are
recreated to resemble the time.  The only 
building that is actually from the 1700's is
the church.  Absolutely amazing, but I didn't 
get a good photo.  
Another fun fact, is that there were graves inside and
all around the church.  

This baptismal font (I am pretty sure
that's what it is called) made the trek across
the Atlantic in the 1600's.  I find it 
fascinating that on a ship where there is 
such limited space and the great need for food,
they still chose to bring a
heavy, big baptismal because it was so

Super old sun dial.  I started to explain
to O how it works, and then realized I
don't have a clue how it works.  Something
about the sun....
Wow, I am an awesome homeschool
teacher, right?!  Remember last week?
Yep, I call sparrows, baby chicks, and
don't know how a sun dial works.

This house was built on top of a large creak.

As we were leaving we came upon a stable.
This gentleman's name was Paige.  He was delivering 
a message during a meeting about fighting up north.

He let us pet his horse, Bucephalus.  (If you know your
history that is the name of Alexander the Great's horse.  
It means ox-head.)

Moving onto Richmond, we checked
out this historical building which made

We didn't stay here long.  We weren't dressed
for the windy day, and we were all tired.

This is the only photo I took of Monument Drive.
It is just that.  A road filled with Confederate
statues (ok, not all are confederate but a lot are).

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