Friday, March 29, 2013


Mama, I am ready to go!  I got my sunglasses 
and my owl hat and my scarf!

And don't forget my camera!

Whoa!  Look at the trail Mama! 

Let's skip the whole way, ok mama?

Mama look!  Marshmallows!  Oh yeah, I 
mean Mushrooms!  Will you take a picture 
of me next to them so we can show daddy?

They are so pretty!  And I know I am not
supposed to touch them.  We look with our
eyes, not our hands, mama.

This walking path is so pretty.  It is a little sandy
too, mama.  Did you see that?  I can write our names
in the sand.  Here is your name and my name and how 
do I write daddy's name again?

Mama, a see a little railroad track.
It is covered in green moss, and I can
balance on it.

That water looks disgusting.  Can we
find clean water to go swimming in?

Mama, what is that?  Why do people need cannons?  
Why does it have wheels?  Why are there insects all over it?

LOOK AT THOSE DOLL HOUSES!  There are so many!
They aren't doll houses?  They are for people?!?
They are so small, like they are for children.

It looks like a playhouse for me.  How do 4 soldiers fit in there?

But Mama!  The door is my size!

Look at the bunk beds!  I want bunk beds!

What an adventure!  I love going outside and seeing the 
battlefield, Mama!  Thanks for taking me.  Can wecome back?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Day

How about a walk in the park hallway?

Adjusting baby's glasses (Notice the outfit.  
Purple Blue/Teal/Green flowing tank paired with a 
navy tutu skirt, purple leggings and leopard shoes.
Mama did not choose this outfit.  
Mama thought she looked ridiculous.

Showing the baby the beautiful view out the giant windows.

Change the baby's clothes in the hallway.

Show the other baby the beautiful view.

Baby can't keep his glasses on, so O will wear them!

Little bit of menu planning for the week.  
Yea Crock pot meals!

A little snack before we go to the store.
Equal parts peanut butter and yogurt, sprinkle some 
cinnamon on top.  Yummy Apple Dip.
This stuff is addictive.

Time for some books (notice the atrocious 
combo of purple pants and green/gray dress--gag).

Cheesy Face Pose before racing 
up and down the hallway in slippers.

Sprinting up and down the hallway...again.
Do you see all the orange in the carpet?
O thinks it is her mission in life to avoid it.
Apparently it is hot lava.  
Or equivalent to a crack 
(which will break her mama's back--thanks for that Gigi).

While we walked the hallway we inevitably passed by some other people.
O would immediately point at them accusingly, turn around 
and say, 'he/she has on the same uniform as daddy' then
fling herself up onto the wall to her right (I made the mistake
of saying 'O we walk on the right side of the hallway,  not in the middle
so others can pass by') and then pretend to be a statue.

 Ok enough of that, let's do something calm.
Paper dolls have been quite a hit.
O calls herself a 'fashion expert'
I am not so sure I would say expert...

And a few more books for good measure.
We are hanging in here, patiently waiting for the sun to come out.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

School Time

A few of the many school works we have done today.
:: Palm Sunday --learning about all of the events that lead up to the resurrection
:: Handwriting practice  --O is starting to learn the proper way to write the letters
:: Reading/Spelling 
:: Metal Insert Tracing work --I make a picture using the tracing shapes, and she has to figure out the shapes I used and recreate it
:: Scissor work 
:: Letter Matching --I write a word she has to use the letters to make the word and put the corresponding sticker on the card
:: Clock  --O has to make the clock say the time I have on the post-it
:: Word Search --O feels like a big kid because she can do word searches
:: Shape Sticks --O uses my clues to make a shape
:: Find the numbers --O covers the numbers (in the above picture, 12, 20, & 6) with the correct color of stickers.  I make sure to give her the exact number of stickers she will need so it is semi-self-correcting.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Adventure

This weekend we were able to head to a local city to check out a science Museum.
And not a moment too soon, because we have had cabin fever (hotel fever?)

There are only so many tents/forts you can make....

 Isn't this how you do laundry?

Look I can balance this egg carton on my head.

Can I jump on the bed?  Of course you can.

Spin me around again!

Haha I look like daddy!

Wait.  What? 
You don't do cheerleading stunts when you are in a hotel room?

Back to the Museum....
Honestly, I usually can't stand going to museums.  
I am either bored out of my mind waiting on these two
to finish looking at everything or I am trying to wrangle a little
girl who is just frantically running from exhibit to 
exhibit and not really learning/doing anything.

On this particular day, I think I was just happy 
to not be in a hotel room.

I think O was supposed to be learning about the orbit of the Earth, but
I am pretty sure she just enjoyed spinning the table.

I realize this picture isn't it focus, however I love that they are standing with their 
heads leaning the same way.  Forrest Gump anyone?

Making a Truss to stabilize the bridge.
F does an awesome job reeling O back in from frantically
going from bouncing around in the museums.

A rare moment where she was completely
engrossed in the exhibit. 

 I think we are all feeling refreshed from our weekend.