Friday, May 31, 2013

The Many Faces

Our weekend was wonderful.
We did more than I thought possible.
We also captured some pretty 
funny moments from O.
Happy as a clam on the carousel. 

Patiently waiting on mom and dad
to go on a coaster.

Too busy enjoying the ride to look
at me.

Giddy up horse!  We are off to DC.

O what is going on up there?
You are wiggling like a fish out of water!
'I am posing mom!'

'I am showing everyone how much I love my daddy!'
Do you see mom and dad's face?  We look so happy, yes?

Lincoln Memorial.
Strike a pose!

Wax Museum.  George Washington.
Kick your leg up and sprawl out on the

Honestly, I am not sure who this president
is, but O didn't care.  She just wanted a picture
with Every. Single. One.  

Another pose.

Wait, what?  This is the one you should
be posing all crazy with!  

There we go.

Seriously upset about something.

Look a train!  Take a picture mom!

How about a real smile O?

'Mom take a picture of me pretending to measure
the crocodile's mouth.'
Why don't you just measure it for real?
'No, I just want to look like I am.'

'Oh get a picture of me listening to the
ocean!  But it's not the ocean it's just
my blood.'

'Can you send a picture to Pappaw so
he knows I am hurt?'

Here she is holding sticks pretending to 
be a tree, hoping a bird will land on her.

This is me saying, 'Get that stick out of
my face!' Yet, I was still trying to smile
and look happy in the photo.

Quite poetic if you know that 12 years ago
when my parents took us to DC there was a
photo of us in front of the White House.
We looked just as miserable as O and I do in this one.
My mom was telling us to, 'act like you are having

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sometimes the most simple household
items make the best school work.

O put paper clips in the corresponding

I also included the color words
that she placed the paperclip on top of.

And then I taught her how to hook them together.

Every person who has worked in an office
is cringing at the thought of this.
At least I am.  I hated when people did this.

Excellent work for fine motor control.

Check out that concentration!

Proud girl made a row of 21 paperclips or the
whole length of the table.

Easy, free activity.

Friday, May 24, 2013


She is growing up so quick!

She almost has the jump rope down.

Whew, indoors we go.  It is hot.
After a bath, and jammie time...

She clips some caribiners to a basket.

Her idea.  Not mine, but pretty clever.

More fine motor skills :)

This activity was my idea :)

We sorted colors into warm and cool colors.

She grasped the concept pretty quickly.

Onto painting.

Those are fairies.  She also made several 
houses in the woods for the fairies.
After painting, it was time for blocks.

There is a lot of playing going on around here.

By the time you read this, we will be on our way to
an exciting Memorial Day Weekend.

Happy Weekend Friends :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Hat, Please?

Mama!  Look at this hat!
What do you think?

I Love It.  

Um, it is huge on you, O.  Let's look for one in your size.

This is the hat for me, Mama.

No, it's not O.


Let me just tap dance over to you...

...To show you this hat.

Much Better.