Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The weather has improved considerably
since we have been here, and well,
we have been in our room less and less.
Here are a few of the activities we have
done on the rainy/cold days.
Clay People

Clay spheres and worms.  O loves
making these and then using her
scissors to cut them up.


Lego Cafes (I am still not sure if
I am impressed or embarrassed that my
daughter can recreate a coffee shop with 
Legos so well.  Do you see the syrup

Paint Chips.  We mix them up, and
put them in order darkest to lightest,
and also sort them into ROYGBIV.

More rainbows

Ok, my little moment of truth....I made
this activity for O 2 years ago, and she 
finally completed it today.  I have several
activities sorted by month (this being one
 of those that fall in 'April').  After she 
didn't do it 2 years ago, I tucked it away for
her to try last year, and again she just was
not interested in sorting the pieces of paper, 
or gluing.  Today, she quickly finished the project 
with no problems.  So, fear not mamas
making homeschool projects.  Your
child may like it next year, or 2 years from
now.  :)

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