Monday, May 13, 2013

Back to Maymont

We woke up at 5:00 am to a fire alarm.
After 15 minutes waiting to go back in,
O was no longer sleepy, and ready
to take on the day.
So Off We Went.

 We headed back to Maymont.

 Oh, maybe she is a little tired?

A little picnic and she is refreshed and
ready to go.


Time to explore!


Hey Look at Me!  I am on a bridge!

She loved checking out the Koi. 

She asked to have her photo next to the

This area scared me to death.  O loved
leaping to the next stone.  I held my breath
and said a prayer each time she jumped.
All I could see is her slipping and falling, but
she made it through, with no problems.

Checking out a weird cave that had water dripping
all over it.

She was inside a bamboo hut, and played
house there for a while.  I was served
tea and cookies :)

She was super brave and touched a 
 rat snake.  

She walked right up to the goose and was thrilled that
the goose did not chase after her like the geese 
did to me.

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