Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 School this week was a potpourri of random interests O had. 

Rainbows and color wheels were a hit.

We did 2 versions of a color wheel.

We read book number 3 in the Bob books.
It was 'Dot' and O was very proud to read it
to her daddy all by herself.

We reinforced the words we read in the book
by writing them and using cut out letters to
spell them.

We used clay and made snakes to 
create the words from the book.

This was a big hit, since the clay has
been in use pretty much every day
since I bought it.

Math included graphing numbers 11-20.

We also played a game with the hundred
board.  We took turns drawing number tiles
and figuring out where they go on the blank
side of the board.  

Paper Dolls that represent Switzerland.

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