Thursday, May 2, 2013

Library and Lessons

The library's story time this week
was ocean themed.  The librarian
read, 'Commotion in the Ocean'.

My daughter suddenly became
little miss talkative, and felt the
need to tell the other children that
crabs eat baby turtles, dolphins
circle their prey, and how her 
daddy is a scientist and let her
watch a video of a shark taking 
off a birds leg.  Ugh.  A little boy
cried, and another little boy had
to go sit next to his mom and far 
away from O.  Nice.

After that fun, the children made

The finished product.  
O says it is an octopus.  
I say jellyfish.

And then there was schoolwork...
O had to replicate my pattern on
the hundred board.  This proved to be
a little tricky for her, mostly because
she lost focus...a lot.

O made a maze with Cuisenaire rods.
Then she walked Merida through it
without running into the old lady or bears.

After she made the stairs, we played a game.
She put her hands behind her back, and I placed
 one Cuisenaire rod in each of her hands, and without
looking she had to tell me what color it was.
She rather enjoyed this, and found it challenging.

Next, she made a bridge for her plastic pieces to cross.

We played the Montessori Snake Game.

This was her first time playing it, 
so I made getting to 10 super easy
by pairing a 1 with a 9, etc.
Each time she counted to 10, she replaced
the bars with golden 10 rods.
The goal being to make the rainbow colored
snake golden.

O traced the numbers on paint chips.
Paint chips have been part of our
school supplies since we started :)
There is always a use for them.

Does anyone else have what seems like a million 
stickers?  This was great to use up some of our stash.
She sorted stickers into the groups 'Animal' and 'Plant'.
This was exceptionally easy for her to do, but it gave
me a few minutes to prep other things.

We have been working on site words.
This method worked pretty well for colors.
First she traced the words in the corresponding colors.
She spelled the word, and said it.
Next, she painted the circles.
She spelled the word, and said it again.
She had to place a sticker next to the correct color.
She spelled the word, and said it again. (by this time she
thought it was a joke and laughed the whole time because
she thought I was crazy for making her spell and say
the color every time).
She then colored a section using colored pencils 
(then she spelled and said the color), 
crayon (spelled and said the color), 
and marker (and one more time for good measure).

Finally, we went on a scavenger hunt.  I placed post-its
with the words red, yellow, or blue on them.
She had no problem identifying the words, so I think the
crazy repetition worked :)

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