Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lane 16

 I took O bowling for the first time.
I think it is safe to say she loved the 
whole experience.

She thought the bowling shoes were
pretty (really?!?  I think it's cute they
are so small, but not pretty.)

She loved the pink bowling ball.
"He must know I like pink mama!"
Well, it could be that, or it could be
that 4 pound balls only come in pink.

I liked the little finger holes.

She also rocked it out at bowling (once the bumpers
were in place).  54 for the first time bowling isn't too
bad, in my opinion.

I can remember when I went bowling as a child,
thinking the lanes were sooo long.
Well, no wonder. 
When you roll the ball and it takes 15-20 seconds
to get down the lane, yes it seems long.

I also remember not being able to get the ball
all the way down the lane.
O got hers down every time.
One time, it was moving so slow that when it
hit pin number 2, it stopped completely...
and the arm couldn't get the pin out of the way.
So, the man had to walk down and reset it for us.

As we were leaving O said,
'Mama, that was so much fun.  
We should do this again and again.
Next time, I am bringing my friends!' 

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