Monday, April 29, 2013

Checking off the Bucket List

Friday, O went to bed as usual.
20 minutes later we heard her rustling,
fighting the door, and a sound that made
us cringe.  She couldn't get the door open
in time, and we were greeted with a
very upset little girl and vomit all over
the floor, the door, and the laundry basket.

The cleaning ladies are not so fond of us anymore.

She continued to get sick most of the night.
She woke up Saturday morning, 
and claimed she was feeling better.
This was her convincing me.

We hesitantly, got around and decided on a
mellow day of mostly driving.
Why on earth would we go out with a sick kid?!
1.  Mama had major cabin fever and had to get out!
2.  We have quite the Bucket List of things to do
while we are here, and we pretty much have to
do something every weekend to complete it.
3.  We are crazy.

Off to Jamestown we went (you know? 
it's the place British first settled.  yes, that one.
Where they all starved.).

On the road.

We took a ferry to cross the river.  

As you can see, O was not very interested.

F played on his phone while we were
waiting to get on the ferry.

And I went crazy with the camera.

While we were on the ferry, we could get
out of our van and walk around.  

This is where you can tell the tourists from the 
local commuters.  
Seagulls followed the ferry.
We followed the seagulls.
And photographed them.

Here, F is asking if I was getting any good photos
of the seagulls.

I think I did pretty well.

On the little island, there were lots of artifacts.
By the way, I kind of love learning about history,
so the next few photos may not be of any 
interest to you.

There were lots of plaques with info on them as we 
walked along.  I read just about all of them.
Out loud.
O willingly listened, as long as I carried her.

We took a short walk to get to the heart 
of Jamestown where all the interesting stuff
was happening.

Yes, people were dressed up,
and talked like they were from
the 1600s.  AND they gave tours,
so I dragged my family to one of the tours.

As you can tell, they were terribly interested.
O was snuggly the whole day, and patiently 
waited for the guy in the weird outfit to 
stop talking.

This is a replica of what the church would
have looked like.  The actual building did
not hold up, but the foundation was there.
It actually is still there, under a layer of
cement to protect it.

This was in the church.

We could see the recreated foundations
 of several of the homes that would have been
there.  They were row houses (all attached, and
well, in a row). 
Historians have all the deeds and
paperwork so they could see who owned
what property and such.  Fascinating, right?

Statue of John Smith.

There was a little cafe in the area,
where we ate lunch and yummy 
Ginger Ale.

A fancy grave marker (most were made of wood).

Oh, and who is this a statue of?

Now,  O has a new favorite pretend game.
Any guesses who she wants to be all the time?

Wore out from a long day.

Onto the next item on our Bucket List!

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