Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Big 5.

Now that Miss O is 5, she has had a 
Major attitude.  Like overnight.
"O, please put your toys away, it is time for bed"
"No I am 5 now, so I don't have to go to bed now"

"O, it is time to leave the playground"
Full Scale Tantrum
Blood Curdling Screams.




I am sorry to say on her actual birthday, 
she was in the middle of some kind of
consequence more often than not.

Today began with a conversation.
"O, just because you are 5, doesn't mean
you can act the way you have been.  
Have you shown love?
Have you shown respect?
Have you shown obedience?"

"Mama, you don't let me do anything
5 year olds should do!"

"What do 5 year olds do?"

"They go to the bathroom in the library
by themselves, they get to check out books
by themselves.  5 year olds also get to stay
up late, and just color for schoolwork."

"Says who?"

"ME.  I am 5!"

"Ok, I see that you want more responsibility."

"No, no more chores!"

"With more privileges comes more responsibility"

"Fine, ok."

And off to story time we went.

At the library she listened to stories and did
her craft by herself.

She checked out books by herself.

I told her she can not color and call it 'school' but she 
could choose more of her own work.
She chose her Cuisenaire rods to do for math today.
She made a tower by herself.

 She replicated a pattern I found online by herself.

She wrote Gigi by herself.

 She wrote Mama and made a heart by herself.
She apologized to me for her crummy attitude by herself.

Hopefully the attitude improves and we have the
Fantastic Fives*

*I hate the term "terrible twos" and feel that if you are going to name your child such a horrible thing you deserve all the terrible you get.
Therefore, we have had the 'terrific twos' 'tremendous threes'  and 'fabulous fours'. Embrace your changing child and don't hate them for learning independence!  After all, that is the end result.

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