Friday, April 26, 2013

School Work Highlights

I am super organized (borderline too organized).
I have all of O's lessons mapped out, and
I meticulously check them off as I go.

My lessons only take up a small portion of the day though.
We actually do a lot more school than I record.

These are some of the extras we did this week... 
Puzzles--by the way I am learning every day how
OCD I am.  For some reason I think puzzles should
be put together starting with the edge, and then
filling in the middle.  My daughter completely disagrees.
She wants to see the picture, and the edge is not as
important.  It drives me crazy.  I have issues.

Pinterest is fantastic, but some of the stuff on there is
ridiculously untrue.  I found something that said
"mix soap and cornstarch to get bubble dough"

We mixed.

We failed.

O still played in it, but it was not quite
what I was hoping for.

O did 3 part nomenclature cards for transportation.

Then she sorted them by what is used on Land, Air and Water.

We practiced counting and patterns and skip counting.

We played a game with dice.

We rolled the dice (got a 5), and colored in the number.
Then the rest of the rolls we added the number to our previous roll.
(The next number we rolled was 2.  5+2=7, so we filled in 7).
We went all the way to 100.

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