Monday, April 1, 2013

Out and About

We went on an adventure today!
Yes, it is true.  This mama who can get lost in 
a parking lot decided today was the day she
would whisk her daughter away on 
an outing 2+ hours away.

We ran into a pirate.

I walked on a boardwalk.
O shuffled.  

 Trees in water = buggy area

 More boardwalk.
But wait, what is that I see?!

A plane in sky!

 Sand.  Yes, sand and water.

 We dipped our toes in the cold water.

O went back for more.

 She just can't get enough.

And there she goes.  In the water.
I told her toes only.
She told me she tried, but the waves got her.

Fun in the sun and sand.

Digging herself a hole and making sandcastles.

Cheese :)
Time to go home.
I do not want to hit the evening rush hour.

Ugh.  What is with this area?  Could it possibly have 
to do with the fact that everyone must pass through a 
tunnel and over a bridge to get through here?  
Glad this is not my home.
I hate driving.

Much better.

Happy kiddo.
Happy Mom.
Time to head back to the hotel.
O said it was a splendid way to 
spend her last day as a 4 year old.
I would have to agree.

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