Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekend Trip

**Photo Crazy Post** 
You've been warned.

Through the tunnel again.
It sorta feels like a time warp.
It is definitely as nauseating as the
photo implies.  Especially when you are
the passenger. 

I suggested we continue the additional 20 miles
to the beach.  F insisted on going to the Nauticus.
Since we were convoying (army talk for being followed
by another couple) I complied.

I am glad we went to the museum mostly because I was
under the impression when we left it was going to be a
warm 80 degrees.  Google Lied.  It was 50 and really
really windy.

Onto the Museum....

 We used a periscope from WW2.

O played in a tug boat.

 O loved the fish section of the aquarium.
The Moray Eel was pretty awesome as far
as she was concerned.   

 Here, she was more interested in looking
at the lion fish than taking a photo.

Using a robot to pick stuff up.

On the USS Wisconsin.

Some of very complicated methods for communicating
on a ship.  Between all the meanings behind the flags they
fly, morse code, and the Navy's rankings, I learned one
very valuable lesson.  I am glad F is not in the Navy.
Extremely confusing stuff.  Even more so, than the Army.

After we toured the museum, we were hungry and headed
to a local diner.  Their claim to fame is they were the first 
to make waffle cones.

O would rather sit with new friends than 
boring old mom and dad.

Guy Fieri visited the place, and left
a signed poster.

The first cone machine.

After lunch, we went to the naval base, and 
asked to tour an aircraft carrier.  
We chose the George H.W. Bush 

This ship was huge.  When you are in 
the hallways, the look like they go on forever.
There are maps all over the place.
It was confusing.

Mini plane models.

Honestly, I had pretty low expectations for this trip.
I am not a fan of museums, and I don't find boats
particularly interesting either, but this was surprisingly fun.

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