Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lego Obsessed

To say we are enamored with Legos is
putting it lightly.  We have played with
Legos just about every day we have been here.
So, what does a homeschooling mama do?
Make a lesson out of it of course.

We are following directions to make numbers
and dinosaurs (did you know you can find these
online--for free?!)

I found a few copyright free images, so we can
create our own Mini-Figure, color and the sort
the Mini-figs by size, and draw facial expressions.

I also made a graph, maze, some items to measure, 
fun facts, and activities I want O to do with the Legos.
Some of the activities include 
::Create a pyramid
::Create a boat that will float
::Make letters/names with the Legos
::Build a Denmark flag (where Legos were created)  and 
::Make a bridge that can hold up a book.

After all that hard work and research, I discovered I
basically just reinvented the wheel. already created a great
 Lego themed packet.  So I printed it off too.
My school work contained more creating, and hers 
had more numbers and reading.  Win-Win.

 O was super excited when she got back from
her trip with the grandparents and discovered
school work would include her favorite toy.
We have done a few days now, and we are loving it!
School is so much easier when everyone is enjoying it.

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