Monday, May 20, 2013

List Making

The day began like any other.  
Nice clean, new boots.

O made a list of all the things to do today.
All very important to her and her daily routine.

1.  Get Dressed
2.  Brush teeth
3.  Clean Starbucks 
(The poor bear has needed cleaned for a while.  
It took mama accidentally throwing him up on 
a large mesh tarp that covers the playground to get 
on that little chore.)
4.  Go to the Playground
5.  Go to the Library
6.  Make something

Bath Time.  

All cleaned and dried.
I even used my skin brush to fluff him
up a little bit.

She's dressed, with her teeth brushed, 
and her handy dandy basket.

She found new friends at the playground.

Can anyone hear me?  I am off to the library now.  

The temperature hit 90 at 10:30, 
and it made everything too
hot to play on.

She made her own laptop.
When she pushes the buttons, she makes the
sounds, 'beep, boop, beep'  Where did she
learn that?!

The husband is home again.  
Brand New Shoes.
He jumped in a lake for class.
Ahh, Military Life :-)

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