Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Trip

Here she goes again with more history stuff :)

Richmond is so full of historic locations,
it's hard not to have a few posts on the historic stuff.
If you are not a history buff, feel free to scroll down
to the park photos.

We visited Hollywood Cemetery.  It is the
resting place of two U.S. Presidents (James Monroe
and John Tyler) as well as Jefferson Davis (the only
Confederate States President).
It also is the resting place for dozens of generals (including
George Pickett), two supreme court justices and
thousands of Confederate soldiers. 

George Pickett was a Confederate General that is most
remembered for Pickett's Charge, during The
Battle at Gettysburg.

This 90 foot granite pyramid was completed
in 1869.  It is a monument to the thousands
of Confederate soldiers buried nearby, including
about 2000 who were killed at Gettysburg.
When it was being constructed, the crane was not tall 
enough to place the capstone.  Eventually, a sailor
who was serving time in a local penitentiary volunteered
to climb the pyramid and place the capstone.  For accomplishing
this feat, officials granted the sailor his freedom.

O likes to cover daddy's eyes while he walks.
It makes life more exciting.

J.E.B. Stuart was another general for the Confederates.
He was mortally wounded at the Battle of 
Yellow Tavern.  To honor her husband's
memory his wife wore black the rest of her life.

This is where James Monroe was

Jefferson Davis

Even if you are not into visiting cemeteries
this place was full of statues that were impressive 
to see.

After the cemetery, we went to Maymont.
It was Gorgeous.
None of the pictures do it justice.

There were lots of animals to look at.

Blue Crab.
From what everyone around here says, this is a
must to eat.  I am not so sure.  It's on our Bucket list,
but we will see if I actually try it.

There was a farm area/barn with chickens, goats, sheep,
donkey, and various other animals.

Leave it to me, the girl the who has lived in the country 
her entire life.......
"Look O, there is a baby chick in with the chickens"
Nope, most assuredly not a chicken.
It was a sparrow that flew in for a snack.
F has banned me from talking about nature/animals 
with O for a week :)


I know it's hard to see, but those are deer.

Checking out a tiny caterpillar.

Beautiful Waterfall in the Japanese Garden.

We climbed up the side of the waterfall.

We touched the waterfall.

We finished our day at a Frozen Yogurt Shop.

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