Sunday, March 17, 2013

The NEW Home


We have been here 24 hours now.  

The girls slept until about 7 this morning and F got up soon after.  We made our way to church service, and O was not impressed.  There was no children's ministry or care while we had service.  Next week we will have to remember to bring her Bible and notebook so she can take notes on our paper instead of the giving envelopes.

We are quickly learning to live in about 400 square feet (it is our rough guesstimate).  

It took all of a minute for me to realize the 2 burner cooktop and microwave (which we don't use in our normal lives) was not going to cut it for cooking.
Off to the PX we went to find a blender and slow cooker.  If you have any yummy slow cooker recipes let me know, because I think the 4 I currently have will get old quick.

Our 'full size' refrigerator is actually pretty small, however I am so so happy we can fit all of our produce in there.  I am excited!  In all reality I think I will be making a trip to the grocery store twice a week because we have minimal cabinet space.

Every single toy O has in in this nook.  I am glad I refrained from bringing more than I did.

All of her school supplies are in the cabinet that the television is on.

And the best for last.

I will be the first to tell you I thought about my clothes too much.
I Googled clothing basics, clothing necessities, Project 333, and watched my fellow friends as they tried to live with just 10 articles of clothing for a month.

I felt pretty good about my 35 clothing/accessories/shoe choices.

Then I unpacked my clothes.
Then I unpacked my daughter's clothes.

And then I freaked out.  Is that all of the shirts I brought?  What was I thinking?

Yes, that is everything we brought in that picture.  70ish items total for mom and daughter.  We shall see how well this works out.

Everything is still very new, as we try to navigate the base and learn the customary things (I have to stand on F's left side....weird, right?  Who cares?  Apparently the military does.)

Today has been some what relaxing for all of us.  It is great to be out of the car, and unpacked.  
Tomorrow will be back to 'normal' routine as much as possible.  School in the morning, and then we may have to go check out some new things on the base in the afternoon.

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