Tuesday, March 26, 2013

School Time

A few of the many school works we have done today.
:: Palm Sunday --learning about all of the events that lead up to the resurrection
:: Handwriting practice  --O is starting to learn the proper way to write the letters
:: Reading/Spelling 
:: Metal Insert Tracing work --I make a picture using the tracing shapes, and she has to figure out the shapes I used and recreate it
:: Scissor work 
:: Letter Matching --I write a word she has to use the letters to make the word and put the corresponding sticker on the card
:: Clock  --O has to make the clock say the time I have on the post-it
:: Word Search --O feels like a big kid because she can do word searches
:: Shape Sticks --O uses my clues to make a shape
:: Find the numbers --O covers the numbers (in the above picture, 12, 20, & 6) with the correct color of stickers.  I make sure to give her the exact number of stickers she will need so it is semi-self-correcting.

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