Monday, March 18, 2013


Today was a day of Discoveries.

O was not terribly cooperative with school work, but we discovered some topics she found interesting (like making a necklace) and compromised (I insisted she count the beads she put on there).

We discovered our number counters could be used as dominos 
(she had to put the numbers in order 1-50).

 We made birthday cards for F.  His birthday is tomorrow.
I discovered what she considers a good birthday card, and 
what I consider a good birthday card are different.  
For example, I think it is important to include 'Happy Birthday' and
she thinks it is frivolous.  She on the other hand thinks we need to
put about 24 googly eyes on the card and I disagree. 

I had to rediscover where the PX and commissary were on base.  I basically drove aimlessly until I came upon them.  I am certain that it was a God Thing that I didn't discover the firing range on accident, since I usually have quite a lot of trouble finding my way around places.

I discovered that the commissary is not open on Mondays.  

Yesterday we went so I had most things, however I did not have coffee filters or any seasonings, so our food has been a little bland.   

This morning in the shower I also discovered I bought two bottles of conditioner and no shampoo.  Nice.
I discovered cooking is tricky when everything is miniaturized.
I had our mini kitchen packed to capacity 
(you can't see the coffee pot and blender on the table 
behind me but it was cramped).

 Even cutting my recipe in half I still managed to make the pan overflow with food... it had to get moved to the slow cooker to have room to stir it.

I also  discovered that those pan handles get pretty hot.  
I burned my hand something fierce on a pot of boiling water.

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