Friday, March 15, 2013

Time for a new Adventure

This week I have...

::Made list, lost list, remade list, checked off lists
::Said goodbye more times than I care to
::Tried to console O as she said goodbye to friends, family, pets, and toys
::Packed the van
::Unpacked and repacked Reorganized the van
::Cooked/Baked copious amounts of food for the drive and our first days at our new 'home'
::Discovered my husband was not nearly as excited about my cooking because he wants to maintain his weight...Pssshh he'll be fine.  Besides what else are we going to do in the car for almost 12 hours?
::Made a few games/activities for O
::Had the brillant idea to take photos of O's eye spy items (sorted by color of course) then forgot to get the photos printed for her to be able to use them--oops
::Prayed Philippians 4:4-7 a whole lot
::Ate popcorn and drank wine for dinner, twice!
::Dined out more times this week than we have all year
::Woke to a child who is feeling under the weather the day before we leave

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