Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day in the Life...

:: I felt some inspiration from all the flowers in bloom to make some of my own.
:: O and I turned a heap of Legos into an elaborate Lego Living room/kitchen/bedroom/horse stable/castle/whatever that car with the people attached to it is.
:: We went to library time with very high expectations of meeting new friends.  No such luck, but we did get to make an insect which O titled "Abstract Ant" (her reasoning was it couldn't be a real ant because it had too many legs.  Never mind the color or the fact that its eyes were not on its head.)
::  O and I both got excited when the housekeeping came by because that meant we had someone to talk to for a few minutes.
:: I am trying to not sounds like a snotty brat and say, "I'm bored" but I am still having trouble finding things to keep busy.  

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