Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Adventure

This weekend we were able to head to a local city to check out a science Museum.
And not a moment too soon, because we have had cabin fever (hotel fever?)

There are only so many tents/forts you can make....

 Isn't this how you do laundry?

Look I can balance this egg carton on my head.

Can I jump on the bed?  Of course you can.

Spin me around again!

Haha I look like daddy!

Wait.  What? 
You don't do cheerleading stunts when you are in a hotel room?

Back to the Museum....
Honestly, I usually can't stand going to museums.  
I am either bored out of my mind waiting on these two
to finish looking at everything or I am trying to wrangle a little
girl who is just frantically running from exhibit to 
exhibit and not really learning/doing anything.

On this particular day, I think I was just happy 
to not be in a hotel room.

I think O was supposed to be learning about the orbit of the Earth, but
I am pretty sure she just enjoyed spinning the table.

I realize this picture isn't it focus, however I love that they are standing with their 
heads leaning the same way.  Forrest Gump anyone?

Making a Truss to stabilize the bridge.
F does an awesome job reeling O back in from frantically
going from bouncing around in the museums.

A rare moment where she was completely
engrossed in the exhibit. 

 I think we are all feeling refreshed from our weekend.

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