Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Date Night

My mom came with us to DC, and then back to
the base for a few days.
Of course that meant we had to squeeze in as
many DATE NIGHTS as we could!
(and O got to spend time with her Gigi).

Date Night #1.
While traveling around on the tour bus
F noticed a little Chinese Tea Shop, that
he thought I'd love, so we were adventurous
(Ok, I was adventurous and stepped out of my
comfort zone).  We drove through downtown
DC at night.  It was just as bustling as I thought
it would be.  They have roads that claim to be 2-way,
 that are not as wide as our vehicle, and then they 
allow people to park on the sides of them.

Wow, glad I didn't drive :)
Ok, well I may have been a 
backseat driver...but just a 
little bit.

We ended up parking in a residential
area, where peoples' houses are worth
more than we will make in a lifetime.
Then we walked the 5 blocks or so to 
the main road.

F found an Apple store.  
It was closed.  Darn.

We found our tea shop,
but it was closed too.  So we
went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Date Night #2
Our next Date night we could squeeze in was
the night of our Bible Study.  We love our
Bible Study, but we wanted to go on a date
more, and thought it was more important.

F got out of class early again, and we were excited
to go.  We walked out to our van, to discover we
had a flat tire. Wont wont*
(*That was most definitely the sound effect
I made in my head when I saw the tire.
Yes, I make sound effects in my head.  My
life has enough ridiculous moments that it
makes stressful moments at least mildly 

My husband is a champ, and got right to work taking
off the flat, and putting on the spare.  I really didn't
even remember we had that donut tire under the van.

I did a preliminary search of local places to fix tires.
The place he chose I would have never gone to alone.

First of all, it is in the city I am to not ever enter
(The base is adjacent to 3 different towns, and
when we moved here I was given the advice,
'even if you have to go through the town, don't.')

Secondly, after driving to the place and seeing
the outside, I would have kept right on driving
donut tire or not.  The place looked like it had
not seen a can of paint or any cleaning tools
ever.  Gross.

But the husband was not even aware of this
(at least he didn't show it).  He pulled right in.

I must admit, I was very impressed with
their work, and I misjudged them.
We were in and out of there in less
than 20 minutes.  

I am sure this guy appreciates that
I took his photo for my blog.

I know when my husband saw the 
photo he asked why I took the photo.

Whew, after all of that it was time for the date.
We went to the mall and perused the shops.
Then we went to dinner.  
We pulled into the hotel at 7:35.
Our Bible Study group meets in the lobby
around 6:55 and then we all head to a 
conference room.  So, we go walking into the
lobby and who do we see sitting in the lobby?

Our Bible Study Group.
Of course.
We make eye contact with one of them
and smile.  Then we make a run for it
in the opposite direction hoping the 
Chaplain doesn't call us out.

I later found out that everyone,
 but the Chaplain saw us. They 
could probably hear us laughing all
the way down the hall.

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