Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Week...

This week we have...

::Played inside the mall at the little kid play area
::Painted a gift for Daddy
::Gave Daddy his Father's Day gifts
::Videotaped silly things with daddy's new gift (we're driving to the store, let's video it!  We are going on a hike, let's video it!)
::Got lost on a hike this week in the woods.  Thank goodness for iPhones  :)
::Gave lots of hugs this week
::Video chatted with family
::Ate Frozen Yogurt...Again.
::Played Memory (Yes, I lost again)
::O matched her plastic toys to the memory cards
::We have all complained about the weather at least once this week.  Is it hot?  Is it cold?  It is sticky and stuffy but cool is that possible?
::Explained to O a few dozen times that it is not her clothes that are itchy and sticky it is this state.  Still she prefers to be naked.
::Went to the Library
::Read books a whole lot
::Took extra naps
::Ate extra popsicles
::Found a GIANT dragonfly at the playground, and I didn't take a picture--bummer.

What have you been up to this week?

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