Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What do you want to do today?

Here is our partially completed bucket list.  Will we finish it in time before we leave?

Bucket List*
1. Maymont historical park

2. Three Rivers park
3. Children's Museum of Richmond
4. Potomac Mills Shopping Mall
5. Mount Vernon Estate
6. Great Falls Park
7. Wolf Trap Farm Park
8. Manassas National Battlefield Park
9. National Marine Corps Museum
10. Claude Moore Colonial Farm
11. Stony Point mall (It's all outdoors, they have water jests the kids can play in)
12. Short Pump mall (high end out door mall)

13. The MacArthur Museum

14. Science Museum of Virginia

15. Take in the awesome view from the Lamberts Point golf course top of a roller coaster

16. Eat a Surfrider crabcake  Out of Season :-(
17. Go Paddleboating at Northwest River Park
18. Smithsonian

19. Watch a movie at the Naro or the Commodore theaters
20. Drive the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Admit, if only to yourself, that even in today's sophisticated, jaded world; some engineering achievements are still pretty amazing.

21. The Chrysler Museum
22. Wander through the cemetery and see the cannonball in the wall of the historic Saint Paul's Episcopal Church (Norfolk)
23. Climb the old light house at Fort Story.

24. Picked a mess of steamed hard crabs  Out of Season :-(
25. Eat at any place with a porch where you can smell the ocean.  (We ate at Cactus Jacks--delicious!)
26. Take a picture with a Norfolk mermaid.

27. Drink an O'Connor's beer. Or even a St. George's. Always try the local brew.
28. Walk Olde Towne Portsmouth.
29. Snap a picture in front of the no-swearing sign at the Oceanfront.

30. Eat at Vintage Tavern in Suffolk.
31. Drive to the Outer Banks.
32. Fly a kite on Jockey's Ridge.
33. Eat at Doumar's in Norfolk. 

34. Women's Museum On the Base
35. Quartermaster's Museum On the Base

36. National Zoo in DC We Ran out of Time
37. Take the Elizabeth River Ferry that travels between Norfolk and Portsmouth. Remind visitors it is public transportation. (we took the Jamestown-Scottland instead)

38. Sit on the lawn for a free concert at Town Point Park or at the Oceanfront.

39. Call someone in a cold climate. Put your toes in the sand, and say, 'Hey, whatcha doing? Oh, me? Nothing. Just sitting on the beach.'

40. Get into a fender-bender on one of those four-person bikes at the Oceanfront.
41. Kayak  White Water Rafting**  Scheduled for June 24
42. Memorial Mall in DC

43. Take a photo just as the sun has come up at the Beach.

44. Eat at Luna Maya in Norfolk. It's not Mexican; it's Bolivian.
45. Hike at First Landing State Park in the Beach.

46. Tour the George HW Bush

47. Fish from a pier
48. Tour the Battleship Wisconsin in downtown Norfolk. Take a picture

49. Stop in the Planters Peanut Center in Suffolk.
50. Rock Creek Park
51. Take a photo of Norfolk's Scope.
52. Attend a festival. There is practically one every week.
53. Petersburg Battlefield


55. Visit the old lighthouse at Cape Henry, site of the British landing in the New World in 1607. (sorry I know the photo is bad)

56. Try on a Colonial tri corn hat in Williamsburg.

57. Stand atop Mount Trashmore in the Beach. Pose like Rocky. Then roll down.
58. Acknowledge the statues of Confederate soldiers. You can't see those everywhere.

59.  Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms, in bloom.

60. Hollywood Cemetery (James Monroe, John Tyler, Jefferson Davis and many more important historical figures are buried here).

*We got a lot of these ideas from a military blog, and then modified the list to what we wanted to do. 

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