Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School Time

We really haven't been doing as much
'traditional' school lately.  It has
been much more hands on and 
unschooling in nature.  I think both
have there place, and hanging out
at the Smithsonian is far more
interesting to O than learning about
the letter H.

We did have some downtime the other
day, so we pulled out our Cuisenaire Rods
(again).  We made a few letters and then
tried to think of words that begin
with those letters.  Can you tell what we made?
Hats, heart, hammer, house, and a happy face.

Then we tried making buildings without
a large base.  Tricky for adults.  Even
trickier for little hands.

Another tall tower.

We tried using all the rods.  We knocked
it down with 2 left.

More Building.

I found a recipe for Play Dough using
1/2 cup glue and 1 cup cornstarch.
I thought since it was cornstarch it
would feel fluffier.

It was a sticky mess.  It took quite some
time for me to get it off the table.

Another fail for play dough.  I am not
sure why I keep trying to find new
recipes.  The one I have words really
well, and last a long time. 

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