Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We are at day 93.  
Whew, it seems like we have been here forever, yet also like we just arrived.  I am excited that we have a month until we are home.  I dare say we have exhausted many of our activities.  This mama is going to have to get really creative.

Of the supplies I brought:
Colored Paper--gone
Glue sticks--gone
Elmer's glue--gone
Markers--drying up
Paint--more colors than not are gone
Clay--hit the trash can this week, very gross
Art and Craft drawers--dwindling the only thing left that is usable is beads and water balloons.
Ink in Printer--the light is blinking at me.
Masking tape I just bought--half gone
Pre-made books (I sewed together for O to write stories in)--5 left of 12
Pipe Cleaners--all twisted up and I feel unusable but I will probably leave them for just a bit longer

I originally planned to have enough of all of these supplies to last the time while we are here, but be able to toss before we come back so there is less stuff to bring home.  

She has been Merida and all kinds of other make-believe friends using my scarves.  
Scarves are great.

We covered newspaper in paint chips.  We didn't really make anything in particular but it took up some time and O found it amusing.

We made a newspaper fort like the ones that have been all over the internet.  O was seriously involved in this.  She cried when it was time to stop for bedtime.  She woke up at 1 in the morning and I awoke to the sound of tape being ripped.  She thought it was morning and time for working on the fort again. Then she was up again at 6 to work on the fort.  She was really devoted to it for a day, and then didn't touch it again.  

She has been a super helper cutting veggies in the kitchen.

We have used the splash pad, playground, and library approximately 900 times.  Ok, maybe not that much, but it sure feels like it.

I think we are all excited to start thinking about home and friends we will see and being back to normal (well as much as possible).  


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing you and hearing lots of great stories!

  2. You'll have to catch me up on all that's happened back at home :) I am not sure how many stories I have left--haha


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