Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A River and an Island

This past weekend we visited a delicious Cuban restaurant called Kuba Kuba.
They had the best iced coffee ever.  Hands down.  Starbucks has nothing on them.  Oh. My!  I might have to swing back up there for some more before we head back home.

Like most of the better restaurants we've tried since we have been here, the outside was nothing spectacular, and if I didn't hear about it from friends, I probably wouldn't have gone in.  

Street art on the side of the building.  

After lunch, we headed to an island in the middle of a river.  It's pretty big, and had a pond where an old quarry used to be.  To get to the island, we had to take a bridge.  O did not enjoy the bridge.  The husband, however thought it would be important to video the experience, lest we forget all that cement.    

Once we are on the island it was walking, walking, and more walking.  O preferred to dig in the sandy trail rather than actually walk.  The river was pretty high so we couldn't get very close to the edge, or rather this mama was too anxious to let anyone go within 10 feet of the river.

On the island was several factories.  This one in particular housed so pretty toxic things, so I snapped a picture and insisted we stay out of the building.  I am sure it would have been fine, but I am uptight about toxic chemicals and such.

And once we got back to the hotel, our daughter raced ahead of us.  We just couldn't find her anywhere.  She is a sneaky hider that little one.  :)


  1. RachelAnn said " she is sneaky". she could not find her. :)


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