Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Decorating

*Warning--most of the photos below are blurry.  They were taken by O.

While O and I were waiting on F to finish up something shopping we walked over to Pier 1.  I haven't been in that store in probably 10 years.  I think O's eyes grew to be the size of half dollars when she walked in.  'Oh mama!  It's all so beautiful!  We should decorate our house this way.'  She then asked if she could photograph her favorite things so I would remember to buy them later when we get home.

Here is what she loved.

Ok, minus the lime green palm tree and frog statue she had pretty good taste (I thought).  Maybe I will hire her when we get home ;)

Do you let your kids pick out what is in their room or do you do the decorating?

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