Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whole30 Update

We completed 7 days, with yummy meals.  I tried to remember to take photos, but I am not terribly good at that.  I forgot most days.

We had plates full of veggies, fistfuls of protein, healthy fats, and a bit of fruit every day.
Day 1:  No headaches from lack of sugar.  No sluggishness.   We felt fine, minus the fact that I was sick all day with 'morning sickness'.
Day 2:  F said he felt 'the crash' at 2pm.  I didn't feel sleepy, but I couldn't actually eat any food that day.  It took me about 4 hours to eat breakfast, and actually keep it down.  Yea, I am 19 weeks at this point and should be way past morning sickness.
Day 3:  Same as day 2.  F is tired but no headaches or any other symptoms, and I can't keep food down.
Day 4:  I kept some food down, but had a serious stomach ache.  I really just wanted to eat carbs.
Day 5:  The hubs and I talked.  I lost 2 pounds in the first 4 days of the diet.  Not good.  If I didn't keep food down on day 5 and 6, we were calling it.
Day 6:  I quit :)

I really wanted to do this, but we can't always get what we want....
It was/is more important that I am gaining weight, and keeping food down rather than eating 100% clean/strict paleo.  My stomach can't handle it right now.  Maybe after baby comes we will try again.

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