Friday, October 18, 2013

A Day (in Photos)

 In lieu of my weekly photo update, I thought I would document one day at our house.  Yesterday, happened to be it.  I decided the night before that I would try to photograph most (if not all) of the things we do in a day.  The reason for this?  Mostly, because when my husband gets home and asks our daughter what we did she replies, 'watch tv' which may be partially true, but does not take up a whole day :)  So, some of the photos are more boring than others, and fair warning, there are a lot of photos.

Also, as it turns out we were semi-sick so we were more mellow than usual. 

Wake up, time to make the beds.

Although it may look like she is trying to walk around like a ghost, she is demonstrating how difficult it is for her to make her bed without my assistance.  'See mama, the blanket falls on my head every time.' 

O was inspecting my work. 

Off to make O's bed, and whoa, what a mess.  

She is not pouting, she is straightening her blankets.

COFFEE!  :) 

While I wait for the coffee, I unload the dishwasher, hang out with the hubs a few minutes and snuggle with O. 

Someone is trying to spin a hat on her hand.  I took about 17 photos of this.  
Breakfast and reading.  We don't always read our Bibles at the same time.  I actually prefer waking before everyone else to have my quiet time, but today we all woke up feeling blah so I slept in a little.

After breakfast I told O to get dressed and this is where I found her.  She almost made it to her room, before she found a book to look at.  This girl loves books, so long as I am not asking her to read them aloud.

I am trying to get dressed, and she is showing me her detective supplies.  She is on a hunt for a mystery.  We say bye to daddy and talk about getting dressed.  We decide it may as well be a jammie day since we have no place to go.  Hmm, maybe I am the reason my daughter has trouble getting dressed during the day?

She is taking a nylon sock you use to try on shoes (from our shopping trip) and making a doll.  This was all her.  She asked for the supplies, and I gave them to her.  I did suggest she use a needle and thread versus tape to attach the things.

While she works on that, I check facebook.  I have been selling items on virtual garage sale and had lots of messages to respond to.   

I bagged up the items, with my post-it of who, what items, total cost, and time and place for meeting, cause I am crazy like that and feel the need to be obsessively organized :)

She is still working....but around this point, she asked to take a break because she can't figure it out.  Clean up, and time for a new activity.


Ok, now onto computer time.  Today she is doing  We don't do it everyday.  It is more of a few times a week.

While she does computer time, I dust and wipe down the bathrooms.

In my over eager zeal I bumped a tray that holds a top heavy cactus.  So far, it is the only thing I have kept alive here, but I see this as a sign that its life may be coming to an end soon as well.

Hot cocoa break.  Um, yes marshmallows.  Whatever the appropriate amount of hot beverages one should consume in a day is, I surpassed it before noon.  I also had tea, and the above mentioned coffee.  

More Legos. 

I somehow missed documenting lunch, but we ate as well :)  I think my phone was charging.

After lunch, it is clean up time.  O's room was first.

We like Pandora when we clean.

We danced a little. 

Then made muffins :)

Then of course we had to enjoy the fruits of our labor and eat the muffins.  :)

I refused to turn on the heat because it is run on gas, but I did plug in the little space heater.  O thought it was like a campfire. 

Monkeying around. 

While she played, I worked on a new project for my other blog.

Play dough.  I have no idea why she was making chin imprints in it.  

Mail time.  O gets the mail all by herself (the mailboxes are in our front yard).

Start the laundry. 

More play dough.  She made some islands today.  

Finishing up the laundry.

T-shirts cut up into yarn--super exciting!

Ok, I thought it was exciting until I realized how very little one can crochet with the yarn.  Um, 6 T-shirts made that itty bitty square.  Yikes. 

I realized it was almost 5, so I cleaned up my mess and got ready for daddy to get home.

He was late, and I got bored, so I pulled out a sheet, cut it in half and started making curtains for our bedroom. 

About the time the hubs got home, I had completed one curtain, and was on the second almost done.  My bobbin needed refilled and when I started again my sewing machine jammed.  Ggrrr.  I took it as a sign I was done for the day.   

Rough house with daddy. 

Then, I started talking to F and forgot about my project so I missed dinner and bedtime things....but at any rate, this is a glimpse of a 'typical' day.

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