Friday, October 11, 2013

This Week (In Photos)

O made a doll house out of cardboard and a hot glue gun.

See that huge pile of clothes on the table behind O?  I have been sorting, photographing and selling them online this week.  Wow, 5 years of saving clothes is a lot of stuff to sort.  

Marshmallow math.  We practiced skip counting.  We added and subtracted.  We ate too many marshmallows.  We had hot cocoa.  It was lovely.  One of the precious moments this week school work was not complained about by either party.  Speaking of schooling, have you read this article?  Lately, more and more of our school time is play time with a few bits of 'school' lessons thrown in there.  Heart training and character training seem to fill my days lately.  And I think that's ok, because it will be a lot harder to instill values in my strong-willed little girl if I wait until she is older.  OK, and I am stepping off the soap box :)

We also made pictures with the marshmallows, and tried to guess what it was before the creator was finished making it.  I made things like hearts.  O made things like a coastline.  What?  Yes, that picture is of a coastline.  Needless to say, I didn't guess it correctly.

I spent way too much time looking for these keys this week.  I try to set our home up so we have a nice little area to place keys, coats, wallets, bags, etc. close to the door.  My husband enjoys walking through the house and placing things in random locations.  It makes me crazy.

I took O to the playground this week.  There were a few seemingly well-behaved children there about the same age, so O had some playmates.  Score!  That gave me some time to work on this hat.  I was going for a Hello Kitty hat.  Next week, you may see a post entitled, 'Failed attempt at Hello Kitty Hat'  Those eyes are just not looking right.

When I could keep food down this week, I wanted lots of kiwis, pumpkin flavored things and potato chips.  3 kiwis were devoured standing over my kitchen sink, (ahem) 3 pumpkin flavored doughnuts, and a bag of chips.  Whoa.  Far cry from Whole 30 I'd say, but this food actually stayed in my stomach so I will call it a win.

I had about 30 minutes yesterday, that I really should of/could of done school things with O.  Instead I read my Bible.  I think I chose wisely.

I royally burnt some cheese toasties, and O asked me to keep the black part on, because she likes it when I make them that way.  Haha, my daughter thinks that's what a cheese toastie should taste like, because it happens so frequently.

I made and photographed a few burlap baskets this week.  Now, to drive them to the shop. 

Have a good weekend :)

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