Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink tights, Gymnastic leotard, pink tutu with multi-color trim, new black boots, monkey bathrobe, and a headband mama was working on--What an ensemble.

And a little bit closer--wow.  Gets better the closer you get, doesn't it?

She took some of the crazy outfit off to paint a pumpkin.  Don't want to get those pretty clothes dirty.  The crazy expression is her explaining what she wants her pumpkin to look like.  'A cat meowing.' 

She drew the cat's face before she began painting.

She carefully painted purple and black on the pumpkin.

We are glitter junkies around here (at least O and I are).  So everything got a nice coat of gold glitter when we were done.  

Finishing up the final details...she is really focusing on details lately.

The finished product.  A purple/black cat pumpkin saying 'meow'.

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