Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shopping Day

After a morning that started out pretty good, and ended less than ideal, we had a shopping day with my mom.  I had O pick out her outfit the night before, which didn't help in the morning.  She was not impressed with the idea of waking up and (almost) immediately getting ready for the day.  She is spoiled from all this homeschooling and mama staying home.  

Did anyone else see the sunrise yesterday?  Um, breathtaking.  Pictures do not do it justice.  Anyway, back to the shopping trip.  It went well enough.  Since F wasn't there, I would take pictures of every shirt I liked, and send it to him to get his opinion.  What did people do without cell phones?  Speaking of F, since we have known each other, we have had a bit of a debate/banter/conversation that goes something like this...
F:  I am not a Hoosier.  I have lived in other states longer than this one, so I am not a Hoosier.  
Me:  What's your license say?  Where is your current address located?  Hey guess what you got married here.  Hey guess what you had a child here.  I think all of those qualify as 'Hoosier' status.
F:  No, I don't wear flannel.  I don't shoot deer.  I don't (fill in the blank with other random stuff not all Hoosiers do).

Well, it's official folks.  He has officially been in my home state longer than he has been anywhere else.   This fall marks that occasion.  Also, if you look at the photos below, he has taken up plaid, which we all know leads to flannel, and shooting things, right? *me being sarcastic*  Ahh, yes, and we were in Rural King this weekend (his choice), and he was looking at cowboy boots.  So, is he a Hoosier?  I think so.   

Well, that was a tangent...
Back to my original story.  O and clothes.  This blog has been devoted to more of her outfits than I care to realize.  She loves to be fancy (like Nancy) and she loves accessories.  

The problem is she can not wear costumes and dress up outfits to everything in life...including our family photos we are doing this weekend.  

In this photo, she is trying to persuade me to buy this for 'several events' like Halloween, and pictures.  Um, no.  

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I am not super fashionable, but I feel like I can find semi-cute outfits for this little lady.  

Every outfit I like, she hates.  The above outfit is 'bossy' and so not princess material.  She was absolutely furious when she saw I bought the button up shirt (hello, I picked out the fanciest one O.  It has bling on the top!). 

Yes, I have tried the tactic of showing her a real princess's wardrobe (thank you Kate Middleton for being super stylish, and not wearing ball gowns every day).  

This did not help.  

I have told O her beauty comes on the inside, and not how we adorn ourselves.  To which she responded, 'but I can't see my insides, I can see my outside.'  Which lead to more super deep theological concepts that I, as an adult, struggle with.  

Finally, daddy came in and said, 'if mommy wants you to wear it, you can state your dislike for it once, but you must wear it because mommy has the final say.'  Which lead to more deep theological discussions.  And then we circled back around to what's on the inside and what's on the outside, and O said, 'My insides and my outsides are not what I want them to be!' 

What's a mama to do?


  1. Too bad the night before thing didn't work out:(
    The kids' preschool teacher was telling me about a mom who had a daughter similar to Olivia. Monday-Thursday they followed your husband's rule of 'wear what mommy says' and Friday was "free for all Friday". She got to wear whatever her heart desired. Maybe that would help? If she knew there was one definite day where there would be no arguments about her choices.

    1. I think it failed because it was the first time we tried it. She has to ease her way into new habits, so we will probably try it a little longer before we call it a complete loss :)
      But I do like your other idea too.


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