Monday, October 21, 2013

The weekend.

This weekend (Friday counts as the weekend, right?)  O and I made a fluffy sensory concoction.  Equal parts shaving cream and corn starch.  It was light and fluffy, and a lot of fun to play with.

After we were finished playing, O cleaned up her mess.  This stuff really wasn't hard to clean up.  The counter got a quick wipe down with a warm cloth, and O swept the floor.  Easy Peasy.  

Saturday, I didn't really take any good photos.  I am in the middle of figuring out how to make a wreath for my other blog, and well let's just say it's not working out quite like I imagine (go figure).  However, after saying, 'I quit' a dozen or so times, I think I am finally onto something.  The only problem is, I am not sure how 'wreath like' it is.  A wreath by definition should have some flowers leaves or stems, and mine has none of those.  It is circular in shape, and a decoration but not your average wreath.

Oh, and I did want to mention mama took charge this weekend and picked out exactly what O would wear (down to socks and panties--I left no room for error, or so I thought).  It worked perfectly on Saturday.  She wore the outfit I chose without complaints.

Sunday, O put on the outfit I chose, and then went and found accessories.  Sigh.
She loves her accessories.  Thanks for that Gigi.
You can't tell so much in this first picture, but her pants are very glittery.  Herringbone print coat, with striped scarf and sunglasses.  What every girl needs to go church, yes?  Ah yes, and a clutch.

By the time we made it to the grocery store, she had handed me almost all of her accessories.  Um, isn't that what mamas are for?

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