Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Broken Record

I repeat myself at least a dozen times a day.  My husband can attest to this.  I need to come up with some new catch phrases.
On any given day, here are a few things that come flying out of my mouth before I realize what is happening...

'I can't find (fill in the blank).'

'Why would I buy that?  I can totally make that.'

'Well, I tried.'

'Well, I burnt the food.'

'I am just distracted right now, that doesn't normally happen.'

'Is that what you are going for?'

'I feel like I just cleaned up in here, why is there stuff every where?!'

'PLEASE stop rough housing in here!'  (said with a please, but with a tone and glare that are not so polite).

'Do NOT put anything on that table, Please.' (our dining room table is still yet to be varnished.  I am very protective of it.  So much so, that O asked me, 'why are you so worried about that table mom?  It is just a table.'

'Hmm...I didn't really think this through.'

'The idea in my head worked a lot better.'

'I can not remember what I came in here for....Ohh what is this?  I will work on that.'  Proceed to pull out project #7 for the day.

'Well, the house was clean earlier today, but then we started working on ____'

'Today is not going as planned.'

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