Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Did I really just have to say that?

To go along with yesterday's post, here are a few things I never thought I would say as mama.

'Please take your toes off your plate.'

'Worms do not belong in the house.  Take it back outside.  Did you throw the worm on the pavement?  You are going to hurt it.'

'Ugh, is that a booger on the wall?  Why did you pick your nose and wipe it on the wall?!'

Me:  'Please do not spit the water back into the bottle when you are drinking.'
O:  'But I decided I didn't want anymore, so I wanted to save it for later.  Isn't that clever of me?
Me:  'No I do not think it was clever for you to save it for later!'

'Are you wearing underwear?  You must wear underwear!'

'O I am not stealing your food I am holding it for you while I put you in the car seat.  Chill out ok?'

Me: 'Do you have your shoes on?'
O:  'No, but that's ok.'
Me:  'I don't want you to step in dog poop, please be careful.'
O:  'I'll be careful.  If I step in it, I will just say, 'uhhh Pappaw, I stepped in dog poop.  He'll take care of it.'

O:  'Daddy you be Jesus, I'll be Mary.'
F:  'What about mommy?'
O:  'Um, she can be Snow White.'
Me:  'How does Snow white fit in with the story of Jesus?'
O:  'I don't know, but you always tell me you don't want to be the mean step mom so I made you the princess.  Wasn't that nice of me?'
Me: 'Uh, I guess?'

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