Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Work in Progress

We have been here a few nights now.  There is still much to do, but we are making progress.  It's kind of slow, but progress none the less.

Yesterday for every one item I have found a home for, I have had to remind O to pick up (or pick it up for her) a toy or shirt or to stop getting new things out.  One step forward.  Two steps back.

Then there is the problem I feared when I peaked in the storage unit.  Mold.  Considering we live in a humid environment I should have known leaving our stuff in a storage unit for so long would have quite an effect on our belongings.  As I was unpacking the storage unit, I was thinking about Matthew 6:19 (don't store up your treasures here on Earth, where they can be eaten up by moths, and get rusty, and where thieves break in and steal).  Ah yes, so very true.  We did discuss getting rid of a lot of our extra stuff, but we were thinking more of a garage sale rather than a dumpster.  Oh Well.

Here's a few bits and pieces of what we have so far....
The sofa is in.
It's big.  It's Comfy.
It's new.

It fits in the room well, and there is little to no
room for a lot of extra things or furniture.

O's room was pretty easy and quick to
put together.  Her dresser, bed, and doll's
bed were all in my parent's house so that
took minimal work.

O was excited to see her rainbow rug
and chalkboard back out.  She squealed
when she saw the rug, which made me
smile because that rug took forever to make.

No toys on the shelves yet.
Everything still has to be cleaned.

The only piece of furniture in our bedroom is what
we just picked up at IKEA last week.  We have no bed.
We have to buy a new one because ours is covered
in mold.  

I told O she couldn't bring any toys
into the house until they were clean,
so she opted to play in the garage.

The fridge died approximately 24 hours
after we got the keys to the house.  This
is the replacement we got in yesterday.  

The bookshelf is slowly filling up.
We went through and decided to get rid
 of a lot of our books (like college books
we never look at).  I love books, but we have
a library down the road and we don't need all
those books.

This is going much slower than I would have hoped.
That is due mainly to me having to scrub everything with
disinfectants before they can be put away.  
At any rate I am happy to have a new place to call home :)

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