Monday, August 12, 2013

The Keys, Please.

We have the keys to our new place.  
Here are a few before pictures.
Master Bedroom.  
The pictures are pretty much spot on with the color.
Grayish lavender wall.  
Striped shades of blueish gray, lavender gray, and pink.

This bedroom will be O's room.  
Green walls are staying (for now).  
We also just got the carpet cleaned, 
so almost all those stains are gone now.

Bedroom #3.  More stripes.
Yes, that's yellow, orange, and a yellowish beige.
I had a lot of sanding to do 
before I could even start painting.

Master Bedroom is getting painted
a khaki shade.

Ugh.  I had a momentary lapse in thinking.
I grabbed white paint and started painting the trim.
Turns out, I painted flat paint on top of semi-gloss.
So, I get to go fix my mess.

The glowing room is going gray.

Buh-Bye Yellow.


  1. amy...looks great! call me so i can help you.
    I wii call you. I am so proud of you...a proud gigi to a cat! you never no what adventure the day will hold :0

  2. Oh wow. I like bright colors and stripes, but that orange and yellow room...egads.


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