Wednesday, August 28, 2013

House Tour--O's Bedroom

I know I showed O's room a few weeks ago, but since then we have added some fun elements.  I thought I'd showcase those today.
I know the closet isn't really fun, but I just want photographic evidence that her closet can be orderly and she can put her shoes in the proper place, because sometimes it's hard to remember when we are searching for one shoe.  How my child loses just one baffles me, and can send me into a tail spin of furry faster than you can blink.

Decals.  I like them, sometimes.  I did not like peeling them off the walls in our master bedroom.  These kid friendly ones I like.  We bought these almost 3 years ago (and 3 houses ago).  They were up in O's room when she was 2, but when we moved I put them back on the sheets they came on and forgot about them tucked them away.

O had a wonderful time deciding where they all went.  She made her OCD organizing mama proud when she wanted to sort them by type.  Owls all over here.  Mushrooms down on this wall, and a flower wall.

There is also an alphabet mat (temporarily) on her floor.  We have been using it for school, and O requested it be put in her room.  She also has new curtains which are impossible to see in any of the photos I took.  It is made of tulle, and O thinks it looks like a ballerina's curtain.

Finally, the bookshelf of toys.  I like her toys on the shelf, but we may have to do some switching around.  My original bookshelf for all of our books can not hold all the weight.  This bookshelf is heavy duty, so it may need to hold some books rather than toys.  If anyone has any brilliant toy storage or book storage ideas please let me know.  :)


  1. I have a friend that goes to walmart and asks for the upright cardboard containers that hold all of the folders, binders, etc. at back to school time. She gets them for free and then organizes her kids' books by category. Her book shelves look very organized.
    I just use plastic tubs to organize my kids' toys.

    1. I have heard about doing that too Rachel, but when I looked at Walmart they didn't have much left to choose from. Your friend must have got there before me ;)


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