Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Miss O is beginning first grade today!
Here are a few of the fun things we will be doing.

1.)  First Day of School Photo
2.)  Labeling the house (inspired by this lovely teacher)  Language
3.)  A Life size version of Angry Birds.  Seriously, much better than the app.  P.E.  Throwing a Ball
4.)  ABCs on the driveway (We may jump on the letter name/sound or place objects with coordinating beginning sounds on the letter.  We will see where the day takes us.)  Language
5.)  Detective Math Something similar to this, but not exactly the same.  Math
6.)  I may have to incorporate something like this into the day/week.  *Side note:  O is really into being a detective lately.  She loves to solve mysteries and look for clues.  There will probably be lots of detective themed things over the next few weeks.  Some of the books we have read lately are Encyclopedia Brown and Homer Price.  She loves them.  We read an entire Encyclopedia Brown last week at bedtime.  Practical Life/Gross Motor Control
7.)  Detect the sentence.  Language
8.)  Sound Memory Sensorial
9.)  Making a Map of our House.  Cultural/Social Studies
10.)  Establishing our routine.  We will discuss how our days will run, what O will be learning this year, setting goals, and walking through a 'typical' day.

*I noted in bold what subject area we are covering.  The color coding is also the particular colors I use to keep everything freakishly organized.  This is mostly for my benefit :)

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