Friday, August 30, 2013

This Week (In Pictures)

The beginning of the week held so much promise.  I had my to do list for house projects to finish up.  We did a lot this week.  None of which pertained to the stack of boxes sitting in the garage.  Here is a few things we did get done.

Guitar Session with the 'Rockstar'  (Notice how she has one pigtail?  That's intentional.  She said it made her look like a rockstar.)

School work.  Thank you Homeschool Creations for all your lovely free downloads.  :)

Muffins and more muffins this week.  Banana peanut butter muffins are shown here. 

 My little helper was a cleaning machine this week.

I discovered our Cuisenaire Rods match up in size to our Pink Tower.  This was exciting for this Montessori-Loving-Everything-Goes-Together-And-Builds-On-Each-Other-Mama. 

Last Friday I picked up half a bushel of peaches, and this week I made peach butter and peach pie filling.  Yum!

The sole bookshelf I have left after I destroyed the other two trying to paint them all the same color, couldn't stand the weight of all those books.  What to do, What to do?

O helped make dinner.  She loves this little gadget. 

O sewed on my machine by herself for the first time!  I am so proud :)

More Muffins!  These ones are cinnamon strudel muffins.  There is nothing healthy about them, but boy are they good!

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