Tuesday, August 27, 2013

House Tour--The Master Bedroom

Wow, first off I feel like I need to up my game on my little blog here, because after collaborating with some other ladies on a different blog, I realize how little time I devote to this one.  

Anyway, here is a snippet of what we have been doing.  Life of course, is busy for all, and lately I have really been feeling the pressure of everything on my to-do list.  The house has taken a back burner so I can care to all the more pressing matters to be taken care of.  The goal at this point was to just get the Kitchen, Living Room, One Bathroom, and Both O's and our Bedroom done for the time being.  The dining room table is still waiting, and we are eating at our counter (which, by the way I Love).  

Then of course I had to go and be crazy and say last week was the start of school.  Ugh, what was I thinking?  Each evening come 8:30, I start running through my head all her school work for the following day, and depending on how I am feeling I pull things out of our school closet that we will be using.  

Back to the main point of today's post, the Master Bedroom.  It's as done as it will be for now.  Honestly, I do not love it.  I love the furniture, lamps and such, but when I walk in it is so...blah.  I live in a cookie cutter house, with what looks like a model of an IKEA room that I just purchased and plopped into the house.  No personality.  Nothing on the wall yet.  It needs some love.  My husband and pretty much everyone else that has walked in seem to really like it.  
The end table is pretty clever actually.  The top slides out, and we hide all our chargers in there so they stay in one place (is it just my family that has a problem keeping track of those things?  They are never where I last left them).  

This is actually a sofa table, but we thought it would be a great piece to go across from our bed since we have no dresser.  I think the wall space above would be perfect for a gallery art all.  A little subway art, a few photos of us, and some quotes.  My husband does not see the point of subway art, so it may just be photos and quotes.  I am contemplating making burlap basket for those smaller sections that are all mismatched.  We shall see...I actually have not put anything in those white basket yet either.  I thought I would really be struggling to find adequate storage space, but not in this room.  I am actually trying to find things to put in the room and add some pizzazz.  

In front of the window is the only piece of furniture not purchased at IKEA.  Cedar is a wonderful thing.  It can withstand fire, repels moisture, and isn't effected by mold.  I am pretty happy I chose to put all of our handmade from great-grandparent blankets in the cedar chest and not a plastic bag.  

Our curtains have birds and tree branches on them.  They are about the only thing with personality in the room.

There you have it.  The master bedroom.  It is prepped and ready for personality just as soon as I can make time for it.

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