Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is it time to go yet?

We are getting so, so excited!  The countdown has begun (who am I kidding, I have been counting the days since day 1).  The end is drawing near, and well to be completely honest we are I am getting a little lazy.  I was doing the usual monthly budget review (yes, I know today is the 9th.  I do my budget from the 15th to the 15th, because I like to keep things confusing for everyone else) and I realized we have ate out a lot.  Like out of control do I even ever try to cook anymore?  I am so ready to have a full size kitchen with things like measuring cups and mixing bowls that I think I might have a cooking party when I get home.  :-)

I am also starting to look around at all of the stuff that has accumulated since we have been here.  We have made a Tea Set, we have been to the beach so I picked up some beach towels, a crock pot and blender was purchased as soon as we arrived, etc, etc.  As much as we have tried to keep the purchases to necessities I have a funny feeling our van is going to feel very small and uncomfortable with all our new things to bring back.  Anyone want to drive out here and helps us out?  Haha, I am kidding of course, but my posts next week about heading home might be rather amusing :-)

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