Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Saying bye is hard to do.  Especially, when you are 5.  This last week has been tough.  We have had one moody little girl.  Excited to see family and friends at home, and panicking about not ever seeing her new friends at the base.

I tried to ease her into the transition as best as I could.  We have essentially said goodbye to one person/group each day for the last several days.  At this point I think we both just want to get it over with.  
Above is a picture of O and her librarian holding a book.  She made the librarians tear up when we said goodbye.  

I had F snap a photo of our chapel.  It has been so awesome to watch
the congregation grow so quickly since we have been here.  

O waiting patiently for Children's church.

This is part of our small group.  We will miss them
all so much.

Miss O's favorite person since we have been here.
She LOVES Children's church and her teacher.

Goodbyes are so tough.  So, until we meet again
take care friends.  You are in our hearts :)

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