Friday, July 12, 2013


Listening To all the thoughts in my head.  No music, just quiet this morning.
Eating My own version of Panera's bagels.  Eggs, Bacon, Cheese, Avocado, Bagel (all of which was made last night, and assembled this morning)
Drinking Herbal Tea with a bit of honey
Wearing Pajama pants a striped blue/green/purple shirt and camel colored sweater--stylish.
Feeling  Super excited that it is Friday, and Blessed.  Abundantly blessed.
Weather Hot, Muggy.  It's early in the morning at it is still hot outside, and freezing inside any building.
Wanting To go to a Farmer's Market but realizing it would be futile because our time here is coming to an end.
Needing To start packing, but waiting until the last minute because I have no where to put the things.
Thinking Of all the fun things we have done this last week, and the whole time we have been on the base.
Enjoying The last moments of quiet before hubs gets back from PT (morning exercise) and O wakes up.
Reading Day 198 of Parenting by Design Bible Study Plan on my You Version Bible App.

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